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1 Time Travel Thumbnail 2 Recapturing the Spark Thumbnail 3 Miracle Making Thumbnail 4 Eliminating Negativity Thumbnail 5 Healing Thumbnail 6 Dream State Thumbnail 7 DNA of Soul Thumbnail 8 Defusing Negativity Thumbnail
9 Angelic Influences Thumbnail 10 Looks Can Kill Thumbnail 11 Banishing the Remnants of Evil Thumbnail 12 Unconditional Love Thumbnail 13 Heaven on Earth Thumbnail 14 Farewell to Arms Thumbnail 15 Long Range Vision Thumbnail 16 Dumping Depression Thumbnail
17 Great Escape Thumbnail 18 Fertility Thumbnail 19 Dialing God Thumbnail 20 Victory Over Addiction Thumbnail 21 Eradicate Plague Thumbnail 22 Stop Fatal Attraction Thumbnail 23 Sharing the Flame Thumbnail 24 Jealousy Thumbnail
25 Speak Your Mind Thumbnail 26 Order from Chaos Thumbnail 27 Silent Partner Thumbnail 28 Soul Mate Thumbnail 29 Removing Hatred Thumbnail 30 Building Bridges Thumbnail 31 Finish What You Start Thumbnail 32 Memories Thumbnail
33 Revealing the Dark Side Thumbnail 34 Forget Thyself Thumbnail 35 Sexual Energy Thumbnail 36 Fear[less] Thumbnail 37 The Big Picture Thumbnail 38 Circuitry Thumbnail 39 Diamond in the Rough Thumbnail 40 Speaking Right Words Thumbnail
41 Self Esteem Thumbnail 42 Revealing the Concealed Thumbnail 43 Defying Gravity Thumbnail 44 Sweetening Judgement Thumbnail 45 Power of Prosperity Thumbnail 46 Absolute Certainty Thumbnail 47 Global Transformation Thumbnail 49 Unity Thumbnail
49 Happiness Thumbnail 50 Enough is Never Enough Thumbnail 51 No Guilt Thumbnail 52 Passion Thumbnail 53 No Agenda Thumbnail 55 Thought into Action Thumbnail 56 Dispelling Anger Thumbnail
57 Listen to Your Soul Thumbnail 58 Letting Go Thumbnail 59 Umbilical Cord Thumbnail 60 Freedom Thumbnail 61 Water Thumbnail 62 Parent-Teacher not Preacher Thumbnail 63 Appreciation Thumbnail 64 Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light Thumbnail
65 Fear of God Thumbnail 66 Accountability Thumbnail 67 Great Expectations Thumbnail 68 Contacting Departed Souls Thumbnail 69 Lost & Found Thumbnail 70 Recognizing Design Beneath Chaos Thumbnail 71 Prophecy & Parallel Universes Thumbnail 72 Spiritual Cleansing Thumbnail
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Ana Beko’ach (42 Letter Name of God)

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Ana Beko'ach - 42 Letter Name of God
Ana Beko’ach (Black Hebrew Text)

Ana Beko'ach - 42 Letter Name of God
Ana Beko’ach (Black English Text)

Ana Beko'ach - White Text
Ana Beko’ach (WHITE Hebrew Text)

Ana Beko'ach - 42 Letter Name of God
Ana Beko’ach (WHITE English Text)

The History of Kabbalah

Ancient Kabbalists believed a special formula hidden in the text of the Zohar could overcome the laws of nature, create miracles and transform even human nature.
This formula is known as the 72 Names of God. Hidden for more than 2000 years, this formula contains 72 sequences of Hebrew letters which have extraordinary power.

Encoded in the Biblical story of the parting of the Red Sea, it was only know to a few early kabbalists. Kabbalah has been a mystical teaching for thousands of years to a specific group of Jewish men and was only revealed to the world in 1922 when Rav Yehuda Ashlag, translated the Zohar into Modern Hebrew. Today even a lay person can utilize the power of the 72 Names of God by learning about them and meditating on specific names.

Each 3-letter sequence acts on a specific spiritual frequency. Simply closing your eyes and visualizing, mediating or looking up on them can connect you to that frequency. Working in the same manner as a tuning fork you can establish a connection to any of the 72 Name sequences. Connections help you repair your inner soul and re-tune your body with spiritual things your eyes can not see. In a spiritual sense this is what absolute certainty and faith are all about.

Ana Beko’ach

 Ana Beko’ach gedulat yeminecha tatir tzerura
Kabel rinat amecha sagevenu taharenu nora
Barchem taharem rachamei tzidkatecha tamid gomlem
Chasim kadosh berov tuvcha nahel adatecha
Yachid ge’e le’amecha pene zochrei kedushatecha
Shav’atenu kabel ushma tza’akatenu yode’a ta’alumot
Baruch shem kevod malchuto le’olam va’ed (whispered)