About Us

You’re visiting the promotion and marketing site for Amuka Creations, a Zazzle store.  We sell a variety of custom designed products.  I’m certain you will find something you love! We specialize in the following themes; Christian, Kabbalah and simple Beautiful Scenery. Most items can be personalized or customized to your liking.

I’m a Caregiver by day, working from home at my two passions; being creative with artistic designs, via my computer, then applying them to Zazzle merchandise and building a network of people concerned about pure skin and body care products for their families; Pangea Organics is a Social Selling company who’s products are “Always Beneficial, Never Artificial”.  If you’d love more information about our Certified Organic personal care products visit my Independent Beauty Ecologist page here.  JustJulieOrganics.com

I live in Orange County, take care of my mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2013, have 2 great dogs named Harper and Jonah.