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Using Social Selling

Using Social Selling Platforms to Boost Your Traffic
Wanelo [Want Need Love]

If you are selling products on-line then you are like many others; and you [Want Need Love – Wanelo] to have more people shopping from your store.  That’s where comes in!  Wanelo is bringing people, products and stores together in a community driven social selling platform.  Located in San Francisco, California U.S.A. , their web presence can help you get more exposure for your on-line store and drive more traffic to your personal or store site.  A slogan used on their site refers to themselves as  “your new best friend”.

It’s easy to get started, simply create an account by registering using either your Facebook login or your email address.  You will be asked to setup your preferences, follow 3 stores and 3 people that “you” like.  You can then ‘claim your store’ if you have one; otherwise point your profile settings to another on-line presence and contribute any items you would like to add.  Once you have done that you are ready to start “Posting” or promoting your products online. 

To POST a product you can either manually enter the information, link, description and placement in your Wanelo Collection from the website or download the Bookmarklet for use with your browser.  A mobile APP is also available for savvy marketers, wanting to work from anywhere on the go!  If your primary site (example:  Zazzle) is already associated with Wanelo some of the content may be auto populated when you create your items.

Additionally SAVE buttons are available, for use with products on your site, which add visibility on Wanelo and allow shoppers to see items they like and what is trending in the marketplace.   All in all, this will be another great tool for helping stimulate driving traffic to your site.

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* Social Selling gives others a chance to network and help one another.  Thanks to for listing my cups as their “Cup of the Day” on their blog and Wanelo!


What is a Zazzle Store?

At the beginning of the year it became clear that early retirement was in my future.  I was fortunate enough to have worked for many years with one employer and have income from a pension to fall back on; what I wasn’t counting on was doing it quite so quickly.

Relying on a pension and widow benefits from Social Security  to cover your daily expenses would probably be sufficient if you were not also caring for a aging parent.  I started out looking for income opportunities on the Internet, as the IT Industry was not only a career but has always been a active hobby as well.

I have dabbled in various things over the years, from basic HTML web design back in the early 90’s to eBay and drop ship sales.  Finding Zazzle got me interested in finding another method of earning income from Internet Sales.

The themes I use to create my products are near and dear to my heart.  Niche items that can also be personalized or customized gives you a unique opportunity to tap into a market where people want something that speaks to them.  I believe my Zazzle Store will fill that need for many people.